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The Ultimate Winter Styling Tools

As Jon Snow would say, winter is coming and it’s not just our skin that needs extra love and attention in cold weather, our hair needs some TLC. 

It is dark by 4pm, we’ve suddenly swapped our bikinis for jumpers and upped the moisturiser, but have we considered that cold weather wreaks havoc on our hair’s cuticles? That’s right there is a reason our hair just won’t sit right, cold weather makes our hair (and scalp) more vulnerable to damage and dryness. Worse, our now necessary hot showers in the morning are drying out our hair’s natural oils. Don’t even get us started on what that beanie is doing to your hair, let’s just say friction is not your friend. But don’t fret- we have tried and tested and found the styling tools so you can feel your best whatever the temperature – you will still need that coat though.

EVY straightener

Want to stay straight and smooth in cold weather? Our stylists recommend the EVY Professional IQ-OneGlide 1" Hair Straightener. But don’t just take our word for it, with a five-star rating you can rest assured this styling tool will keep you sane whatever the season. For our thick haired gals, the EVY Professional IQ-OneGlide 1.5" Hair Straightener is a time saver, more time under the covers, yes please.  

For a ‘I walked out the salon’ look when our hair is giving Hagrid vibes, the Evy Professional Restyle Hot Brush is made specifically for styling dry hair, equipped with heat resistant nylon bristles and mineral infused technology. It creates waves, curls or smooth dry hair in mere minutes – we all know it isn’t a good idea to go outside with wet hair in winter.

EVY products on a white table

If you love when something is hard to get, check out our EVY Professional E-Curl 25mm, available in selected stores only and with mineral technology that locks in moisture whilst ensuring long lasting curls. That’s right shiny curls in winter, there was time we didn’t think it was possible.

Remember safety first, just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can skip that heat protector. Add shine with or without a searing flat iron or curler with AG Care Firewall Argan Shine & Flat Iron Spray. This is a non-negotiable protect your hair.

We still have a few months left of winter, so enjoy the winter hairstyles, jumpers and hot chocolates all too soon we’ll have the air conditioning buzzing again. In the meantime check out your nearest store for the top deals on the ultimate winter styling tools. 

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Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

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