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The Lingo Used by Hairdressers

This would have to one of our favourites parts from the Cosmopolitan's article that we have been featuring recently.

You may know what you want done to your hair, but it isn't always that easy to communicate it to your hairdresser.

Here we share what Tarryn Cherniayeff, co-founder of Mob Hair, some throwaway hair terms and what they actually mean to your hairdresser.

Short Layers

Add body and remove weight.


Straight lines and no movement.


Lots of different textures throughout.

A Trim

Remove whatever hair needs to come off for hair to appear healthy again. 


Dark base with lighter accents.


Lighter base with darker accents.


Very fine foils that grow out naturally.


Silver blonde, most likely all over.

Warm toned

Anything red, yellow or orange based – think caramel, chocolate or auburn shades.

Cool tones

Anything blue, green or violet based – think ashy, creamy, blonde or even blue-black.


Cool toned, blue based colour – think silvery platinum blondes.


Warm tones, yellow or orange-based colour – think honey, caramel and biscuit tones.

We were loving this so much that we decided to add in a few of our own favourite terms!  


Layers. Often lots of them. 


Nape-length hair in the back and a cut that follows the angle of your jawline when your head is tipped slightly forward.


A short or tapered haircut effected with a razor.


A bevelled edge is a subtle layer right near the ends that helps your hair turn under or up.


Basically, bangs are the American term for fringe.


Hair is made up of keratin, so if you can replace the keratin you’ve lost with damage, you’ll get the condition back into it. 

Over Processed

When a colour stays on for too long, so basically the colour causes hair breakage and the hair snaps off.


The outline of a haircut. Think of a bob or one-length cut, it’s got a solid edge. This is called a baseline.


Brassiness is your hair throwing warm tones, which can make the hair look a little dehydrated and frizzy. 


Foils are when you use foil to apply colour to the hair. It can be either by weaving the hair and then placing it into foil or taking slices of hair and placing it into foil. 


Now that your equipped with all the pro hair terminology, it's time to go after that look you've always dreamed of! Book your appointment with one of our expert stylists today. 

Credit: Cosmopolitan Magazine June 2017 p128-130

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