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Muk Haircare - Styling Products

Every year they win a string of awards, from Best New Product, Best Shampoo and Conditioner Pair, Best Volumising to winning the Best in Beauty Award six years running! Not bad for a “little” Australian hair care brand that’s only 13 years old. 

Muk Haircare’s honesty and reliability is what sets them apart from their competitors, with their mission – create hair care products that say what they do and do what they say. 

Muk’s professional haircare range includes a professional colour range, a core range, specialist Argan oil products and their best selling electrical tools. We asked the PA Super Squad what Muk Haircare product they love using and how to best use it. 


Muk Beach Muk Sea Salt Spray is perfect for adding volume and creating sexy loose curls. 

Sad I know but most of us can’t get to the beach every day to get that ‘Bay Watch’ look, thankfully Muk gives us ‘sexy beach hair in a bottle’! 

Muk Haircare Sea Salt Spray | Price Attack

The Beach Muk Sea Salt Spray is an excellent alternative to wax, styling creams and mousse as it won’t weigh down your hair or leave it feeling flat or greasy. The power of Muk’s Sea Salt Spray is undeniable when it comes to hold and va-va-volume! 

Use Beach Muk Sea Salt Spray on both wet and dry hair.  Use it on your roots as a pre-styler before blow drying or before curling your hair to achieve a natural tousled, sultry look with amazing texture. 

For girls with curly hair, use Beach Muk Sea Salt Spray before you diffuse, and with confidence knowing it is oil and silicone free. 

Use Beach Muk Sea Salt Spray with Hot Muk Thermal Protectant when using heat styling tools to protect hair from heat damage. 

Pro Tip| Let gravity do the work. If you don’t have a round blow-drying brush, tip your head upside down to blow dry.  Then apply Hot Muk Smoothing Serum to tame any fizziness and add a beautiful shine. 

Follow @amy_priceattack on Insta for more inspiration. 


Split ends are the result of dry and damaged hair. Split ends can’t be repaired but they can be avoided. 

Muk Deep Muk 1 Minute Ultra Soft Treatment is a hydrating treatment that strengthens hair from the inside out. If your hair is lacking moisture and shine, Deep Muk 1 Minute Ultra Soft Treatment is a winner! It restores hair elasticity, replaces lost nutrients and adds softness and a beautiful shine.

Muk Haircare 1 Minute Treatment | Price Attack

Apply to damp, clean hair and leave in for 60 seconds before rinsing. For best results use Deep Muk 1 Minute Ultra Softa Treatment weekly, and with Deep Muk Ultra Soft Shampoo and Conditioner to help nourish hair. 

Pro Top | If your hair is extremely damaged, leave Deep Muk 1 Minute Treatment in your hair overnight.

For more pro tips from Madeline follow @madeline_priceattack on Instagram. 


Amp up short hair and create a messy textured look with Muk Hard Muk Styling Mud. With its fierce hold, Hard Muk Styling Mud will keep your hair styled all day! 

When you’ve got short hair creating different styles can be a challenge, but Hard Muk Styling Mud is flexible, so it gives you the opportunity to experiment. 

Muk Haircare Styling Mud | Price Attack

Hard Muk Styling Mud works best on dry hair, but you can also use it when wet. Easy to use, simply warm up a small amount in your palms then rub evenly through hair. Start at the roots and work towards the ends. 

For extra texture and volume for fine limp hair use with Hard Muk Styling Shampoo

Pro Tip| Hard Muk Styling Mud has a low sheen finish but if you want shine add a couple of drops of Hot Muk Smoothing Serum before applying to hair. 

Follow @andy_priceattack for more how to guides. 


As you can tell from its name, Muk Fat Muk Volumising Blowout Mousse gives your hair extra volume, and also provides protection against humidity without weighing it down. 

Great for any hair type, though ideal for fine hair, Fat Muk Volumising Blowout Mousse expands your hair for extreme body and oomph. Use to scrunch curls or to volumise blow dries. 

Muk Haircare Volumising Blowout Mousse | Price Attack


Massage Fat Muk Volumising Blowout Mousse on to towel dried hair, starting at the roots for high volume then work through the ends for body and bounce. 

Use with Fat Muk Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner to leave hair feeling fuller. 

Pro Tip| Add a little Muk Spa Argan Oil Repair Treatment to a golf ball sized amount of blowout mousse for an extra bit of shine and smoothness. 

For more volumising tips and colour inspiration follow @danielle_priceattack 

There’s a Muk product for the hair needs of everyone, and not only do they work all Muk Haircare products are cruelty free. Shop Muk Haircare online or at your local Price Attack store.

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