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Perfectly Imperfect Tousled Hair

You know those mornings that you roll out of bed and for whatever reason your hair actually looks great? I’m talking wavy, wild and carefree (but in a good way). Well, it turns out this is also a deliberate style and it goes by the name of Tousled Hair.  

Though hair trends are constantly changing, it can be said with confidence that the tousled, undone look will be here to stay for a while. From red carpets and glamorous events to running everyday errands, the effortless, textured look seems to be a popular choice of hairstyle (whether purposely or accidental).  

So, if curiosity has got the better of you and you would like to experiment with the “tell me you care without telling me you care” look; keep reading for five products to help you achieve the coveted tousled hair. 


AG Tousled Texture

AG Hair Tousled Texture featuring woman with soft wavy hair

What: AG Hair Tousled Texture

A lightweight but strong finishing spray that adds body and texture to the hair. This little beauty will create a moveable, piecey look while adding shine and controlling frizz and flyaways. Simply spray onto your dry hair and crunch it up with your hands until you’ve reached your desired level of texture. 


Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray

Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray

What: Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray

If you’re seeking effortless, undone styles that will last all day, this is the product for you! This Dry Texture Spray is a finishing spray for all those carefree, textured volume looks. It can also be used as a prep spray when you need a little extra grip for styles such as braids and updos. Spray onto dry hair and style as you wish. 


NAK Done & Dusted

NAK Done & Dusted

What: Nak Done & Dusted

Styling powders have become particularly popular in recent years and we LOVE this Nak Done & Dusted powder. This little guy is designed to create a strong grip and matte texture, making it ideal for style manipulation. The powder particles thicken and separate hair and add volume to the roots. Tap the powder into the areas you are styling and massage it in. 


AG Sea Spray

AG Hair Texture Sea Spray

What: AG Hair Texture Sea Spray

Want holiday hair at home? AG Sea Spray is the one for you! The ultimate product to achieve that beach wave finish, this little bottle of goodness will bring the beach to your hair. Enhanced with AG’s Sea Complex of naturally texturizing seaweed extracts and anti-aging seaberry oil to create the ultimate casual, effortless look. 


Redken Powder Grip

Redken Texturize Powder Grip 03

What: Redken Texturize Powder Grip 03

Similarly to the NAK Done & Dusted this Redken powder grip is a mattifying, root volumizing and texturizing hair powder that provides texture and volume for long-lasting styles. Shake a small amount of powder onto your hands and work through your hair, or shake a small amount directly onto your roots for targeted volume. 

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