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Professional Quality Colour vs Supermarket Box Dye

 It's the questions we get asked all the time! Is SPS (Salon Professional Supplies) colour better than a box dye? Is SPS colour as cost effective as a Box dye? Is SPS colour as time saving as a Box dye?

The answer is YES!

sps range

Hair colour is not as simple as you may think. There are many considerations that need to be accounted for before choosing a colour. Porosity, density, and elasticity of the hair all play a factor in the end result. As does the correct application to be able to achieve the desired outcome. It could take between 1-5 mixed colours depending on the desired result.                                       

  • SPS have created a series of professional quality colours and developers, giving you a vast range of shades and techniques to choose from to maintain your colour safely at home or in between salon visits.
  • Box dye is usually one direct colour which most of the time doesn't suit all hair types. 
  • There are many advantages when purchasing SPS colours over a box dye. One major advantage of purchasing SPS is the free professional salon advice given to specifically customise the correct colour and developer for each individual.  Box dye does not offer professional advice and 9/10 times when used at home you will end up in back at the salon for a colour correction service which ends up costing them more.
  • Box dye is cheap and there is a reason why.  The manufactures use low quality dyes, chemicals, and additives to make it possible to be less expensive. Typically containing high amounts of ammonia, PPDs, nitro dyes, metallic salts and henna. These chemicals are harsh, high strength an extremely damaging to the hair resulting in unpredicted level depth and lift of colour.
  • Due to box dye being a one-size-fits-all, the hair is either over processed or under processed leaving the hair damaged and most times unrepairable by products. Box dyes are progressive dyes meaning that each time that you use them, the pigments build up adding colour depth that gets darker each time applied, creating a reverse look.
  • SPS colours and developers are made with safe higher quality ingredients to control colour and maintain the condition of the hair. SPS purchased from a salon is provided with professional custom-made advice for each individual by a qualified stylist. 

SPS is the perfect choice every time for anyone who requires a cost effective, safe home maintenance colour.

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