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Step Away From The Scissors

Considering a new hair style cut? Check out this fantastic article from the June 2017 edition of Cosmopolitan. Straight from the styling experts, it provides the tips and tricks to help you make that change while avoiding post-appointment angst. 

  • Know your Texture

Want Chrissy Teigen’s tresses? Know what your hair type is first.

Strong hair can cope with sexy layering, but ‘if you have fine hair, you want the weight of the hair to work with you, so minimal layers is best’, advises Jonathan Colombini, Kendall Jenner’s hairstylist.

 Chrissy Teigen Hair | Price Attack

Chrissy's layers work for strong hair types. 

Got curly hair? Be wary of crops like Scarlett Johansson’s. ‘This won’t work for you,’ says hairstylist and R+Co ambassador Barney Martin.

  • Know your Face Shape (or ask!)

A drastic chop can be an amazing feeling. Not so amazing? Walking out with major regrets and a pixie cut you hadn’t planned. ‘Look at your face shape,’ says Tarryn Cherniayeff, co-founder of Mob Hair. Then listen to your hairdresser if the cut you picked out isn’t the best fit for you. ‘They will be trained in what shapes work best and will come up with the perfect look,’ she says.

Anne Hathaway Pixie Hair | Price Attack

Anne's crop is suited to an oval face shape. 

  • Know your styling limits

It’s no good asking your hair dresser for directional haircut if your not able to style it yourself. If you want an easy care cut you can go two ways, says Martin: relaxed or precision. ‘A great haircut with minimal styling is an unstructured bob,’ says Martin. ‘This can be tended too at home with dry shampoo for texture and boost, and sea salt spray for that done but undone look.’

Kim Kardashian Hair | Price Attack

Kim K's precision cut is easy styling. 

Or go the opposite route with a meticulous chop: ‘a strong lined precision cut always remains styled.’ But just be prepared to rebook your cut more often. ‘You need frequent top up trips to keep the blunt end blunt and not frayed,’ warns Martin.
  • Know whats Real

Some celebs change their haircut as often as they update their wardrobe, but realise, that some of those big statement pieces are in fact wigs. ‘Kendall uses clip-in extensions,’ says Colombini. ‘Kylie uses extensions as well, but she also plays with wigs.’

Kylie Jenner wig | Price Attack

Kylie uses wigs for maximum hair drama. 

So if you want to play with length consider faking it – at least until you’re sure about a drastic change. ‘If you want to go a little bit shorter or a little bit longer with your hair, then experiment with extensions,’ says Colombini. ‘You can take them out and your hair is still there and hasn’t been touched.

Ready to make the change? Book your appointment with one of our expert stylists today. Find your local Price Attack salon here.

Images via Pinterest

Credit: Cosmopolitan Magazine June 2017 p128-130

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Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

Free delivery on orders over $107*

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