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The Nak Signature Collection

NAK Hair’s journey into hair care began in 2003, with the vision to create a salon professional product collection that reflected the Australian way of life.

Nak Hair | Price Attack

Armed with a rich understanding of salon life and a genuine passion for creating beautiful products inspired by the Australian lifestyle, NAK’s new Signature Collection features Naturally Vegan Ingredients, Luxe Botanicals and Pure Essential oils, which offer beautiful hair rituals and respects the delicate nature of hair and skin. 

Natural Vegan Complex 

Enriched with coconut, rice aloe vera and pear, this luxurious blend of naturally vegan extracts delivers a healthy does of active botanicals to return softness, shine and lustre to all hair types. 

COCONUT | A true remedy for hair and scalp, coconut is a conditioning multi-tasker. A natural emollient coconut protects and softens dry or frizzy hair. 

RICE | Restores strength and luminosity, rice is a legendary protein that strengthens fragile hair and adds natural volume and bounce. 

ALOE VERA | With unsurpassed hydrating qualities, aloe vera corrects moisture loss and creates a hydration memory. 

PEAR | Revitalises hair and skin, pear fights free radicals protecting hair from damage and creating softness and shine. 

Nak Hair | Price Attack

Luxe Botanicals

The NAK Signature Collection is complimented by an abundance of powerful botanical extracts and speciality vitamins including elderberry, baobab, agave, quinoa and indigo. 

ELDERFLOWER | A potent floral wonder, elderflower infused bioflavonoids and skin protectives. Detangles and conditions dry hair and leaves a natural shine. 

BAOBAB | The tree of life, Baobab is considered a miracle butter for hair and skin, baobab is high in vitamin A, C and D. 

AGAVE | A natural healing agent, agave tames curls and flyaways, as well as hydrating parched hair. 

QUINOA | The ancient mother grain, quinoa is a balanced source of protein and moisture. A natural humectant quinoa is high in vitamin E. 

INDIGO | A true azure compound, indigo is a natural UV filter. Eliminates unwanted yellow tones and enhances platinum tones in blonde hair. Also creates a natural luster in darker shades of hair. 

Nak Hair | Price Attack

Sulphate Free

Featuring ISELUX - a green chemistry cleansing surfactant - providing gentle cleansing and low foam action to help minimise colour fade. Mild pH balanced cleansing, delivers optimum protection for hair and scalp. 

Paraben Free

Mild preservative-protection safeguards formulations from possible bacterial contamination, providing shelf life stability and product protection. Expected shelf life 12 months opened and 36 months unopened. 

Against Animal Testing

NAK Hair does not test products on animals and remain committed to using safe proven ingredients, not tested on animals. 

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Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

Free delivery on orders over $107*

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