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The No. 1 Home Hair Dying Hack

Are you a devotee to at-home hair colouring? Do you toss a dye-box into your trolley as often as a box of Corn Flakes? At-home colouring is good for your purse strings but not so good for your hair - never fear help is here!

Did you know that each time you colour or lighten your hair the hair structure is weakened, and your hair becomes more susceptible to breakages and becomes dull. Achieve a salon-worthy finish to at-home hair colouring with Nak Structure Complex Shampoo and Nak Structure Complex Conditioner.

Nak Structure Complex Shampoo and Conditioner | Price Attack


Nak Structure Complex is formulated with restorative nano proteins (proteins are the building blocks to strong hair and protects it from damage) and hydrating sea minerals to quench dry hair and improves moisturise.

Overall Nak Structure Complex rescues and improves the health of chemically treated hair and restores shine - leaving your hair feeling velvety soft.

Go one step further with Nak Structure Complex No. 3 Bond Enhancer, a weekly treatment that maximises strength, conditions and adds shine.

Nak Structure Complex Treatment | Price Attack

Did you know if your hair is in good health your hair colour can last longer! You can’t afford not to invest in the health of your hair. If you look good you feel good!

So do your hair a favour next time you colour your hair at home, and add Nak Structure Complex Shampoo and Conditioner to your trolley.

Nak Structure Complex is also available as an in-salon service. Ask your local friendly PA Stylist today.

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