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The Straightener You Didn't Know You Needed

The secret's out on Salon Confidential and we're proud to shout it from the roof tops!


It would be easy to start reading this and think to yourself... "Oh, another straightener on the market, what's so special about this one?" 

Well... we're glad you asked because we have the answers! Now, there are plenty of hair straighteners on the market and we understand it can be hard to navigate the copious amounts of information about each one, before finally pulling the trigger and making a purchase. 

shiny hair

So, why do we recommend our Salon Confidential Straighteners?

1. If you're after more shine, more softness, less damage and less frizz, then your question is answered. With extra long heat plates, a 3-metre swivel cord, temperature control from 120-230 degrees on an LCD display, intelligent sleep mode and 2 year replacement warranty guarantee, is there anything else we can ask for in a straightener?

infrared feature

Hold that thought! Can you say, "Infrared Technology"?

2. Whilst this may not be a feature that you knew you needed, it certainly has its benefits and is a feature that will protect your hair in the long run. 

Infrared is a light wavelength that penetrates deeper into the hair shaft, heating the hair evenly and safely from the inside out. This technology is designed to steam the hair instead of applying a direct heat. Heat tools can be harsh on the outer layer of hair, lifting up the cuticle which in turn dries out strands, leaving your hair looking damaged and unhealthy. 

styled standing straightener

But it doesn't stop there. Can you also say, "Ionically Charged"?

3. Did you know, most hair strands are positively charged? Ionic hair tools generate negative ions which help neutralise the hair and smooth the cuticle, locking moisture into the hair. Charged ions make your desired style longer lasting whilst being less damaging. 

Other Key Features

Temperature Control
The inbuilt LCD display allows you to precisely control the temperature within a range of 120-130 Degrees Celsius.

Intelligent Sleep Mode
Worry-free electrical with the intelligent sleep mode, automatically turning off after 60 minutes.

Heat Resistant Bag
Unroll your storage bag to double as a heat mat to safely and securely cool down your hair straightener. 

Locking Switch
Never stress about damaging plates when storing, cooling or traveling with the locking switch. The locking switch locks the straightener plates in place to avoid contact with each other which can cause scratches and damage. 

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