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Love Your Hair At Home

Our top tips to look after your hair at home

Skincare routines ramped up, even home workouts and fitness routines have seen a spike in popularity with COVID-19 lockdowns. So why not amplify your home hair care routine? Being in lockdown brings so many lows, the least we can do is emerge each time with glowing skin, toned bodies and luscious, healthy hair! 

So, if you’d like to know our top tips to get your healthiest hair yet then keep on reading! 


Do not cut your own hair: It may be trending on the likes of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube however, this is not a trend we recommend experimenting with; there are too many ways in which this activity can go wrong. Instead of giving your overgrown fringe a botchy chop, try dabbling in the world of hair clips and headbands. 


Be wise with home hair colour: While we always recommend an appointment with your hair professional, there are certainly some great options if regrowth or greys become wildly apparent! Don’t go racing out to your local supermarket or pharmacy, I repeat don’t go racing out to your local supermarket or pharmacy. 

Salon Professional Supplies (SPS) is an amazing alternative and a popular choice amongst home salons, rest assured your hair will be in safe hands. To start, grab a mixing bowl, mixing applicator/brush, scales, a pair of gloves and follow the below.

To lift and lighten you’ll need: 


To maintain or go darker you’ll need: 

If you’re just looking to have some fun and eliminate those lockdown blues, Punky Colour will end the storm with a rainbow of temporary hair colours. If you’re unsure about any of the above, please consult a Price Attack Hair Professional for tailored advice on the best products for your hair type.  


Use hair oils: You may be thinking “the reason I wash my hair is to get rid of oil” … But while you’re bored in the house is the perfect time to add them to your routine. Oils are a well-rounded treatment for your hair and host a range of benefits for every hair type. Not only do they provide nourishment and hydration, but they also seal the cuticle down, are a great lubricant for detangling and act as a heat protectant. Apply and wear one as a hair mask while you complete an at home workout or apply to towel-dried hair after it’s been washed. 


Lessen your heat styling and blow drying: With restaurants, pubs, clubs, retail outlets and parties cancelled, now is the perfect time to give your hair the holiday it deserves (away from heat tools). There’s simply no need to wreak the havoc that heat tools cause on your hair to watch Netflix or work from home. Use this time as a much-needed hair straightener, curler, hair dryer detox and your soon-to-be luscious locks will be thanking you.  


Some Of Our Favourite Nourishing Products

PPS Active Treatment

PPS Active Treatment 150g

What: PPS Active Treatment 150g

Designed to reconstruct weak, coloured and chemically treated hair. This formula will strengthen and repair hair and approve its manageability.  


Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair

Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment 200ml

What: Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment 200ml

Not that time is of the essence for most in lockdown, but if you’re searching for a quick burst of hair nutrition this Rich Repair treatment by Goldwell is the product for you! It rebuilds the hair fibre up to 100% in 60 seconds, restoring severely dry and damaged hair to its former glory.


AG Hair Repair Serum

AG Hair Repair Serum 75ml

What: AG Hair Repair Serum 75ml

Another amazing product from AG Hair designed to reinvent dry and damaged locks. This vegan, lightweight serum assists to seal split ends and works in overdrive to increase hair elasticity and reduce breakage. 


PPS Aroma D Fuse Ultimate Elixir

PPS Aroma D Fuse Ultimate Elixir

What: PPS Aroma D Fuse Ultimate Elixir 125ml

Not only will this provide instant shine, but it will also soften and tame frizz, improving ultimate hair and scalp condition with the nutrients of lavender, patchouli and chamomile.


AG Hair Repair Reconstruct Mask

AG Hair Repair Reconstruct Mask 178ml

What: AG Hair Repair Reconstruct Mask 178ml

Reconstruct is an intense, luxurious conditioning treatment formulated to treat dry, damaged and coarse hair. It is designed to boost collagen and add elasticity to dry and damaged hair resulting in it feeling soft, shiny, smooth and radiant. 


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