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5 Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss may be genetically influenced, but it isn't set in store. We actually have a lot more influence on our hair, and the amount of it, than most people realise. So, if you have started noticing thinning, or if this has been a long standing battle - sit tight. Along with some tips and tricks to stimulate hair growth, Pump's new growth collection range has been scientifically proven to reduce hair loss. 

1. Nutrition and hydration 

Anyone experiencing hair loss should do a blood test. It's an easy way of knowing exactly what nutrients you may be missing, and if so, how to fix it fast. But, without knowing the details of your diet - below are foods that prompt thick luscious locks.

Protein rich food like meat, legumes, tofu and dairy products will increase the keratin in your hair which is crucial for hair growth.

Biotin-rich foods like red meat, spinach and fortified cereals can increase your iron, which supports the circulation required to prevent unnecessary hair loss.

Omage-3 Fatty acids, it doesn't just make us smarter it gives our hair and scalp much needed hydration. So, eat up your salmon, mackerel, chia seeds and walnuts when you can.

Vitamin-right fruits and vegetables, levels up your antioxidants gives you hair the little growth burst it needs. 

2. Scalp Massaging

Increase blood flow and oxygen to your roots by giving it a good old fashioned massage:

Add a few drops of the Pump Liquid Growth Oil, apply medium to firm pressure on your scalp and massage in circular movements focusing on the hairline to increase blood flow to the area.

Or use a derma roller as it activates your bodies natural healing response and encourages your cells to repair themselves. 

3. Create a healthy haircare routine

The healthier the hair, the more likely it's going to stick around for longer. For all hair types we recommend the following haircare routine:

The Pump Haircare Hair Growth Shampoo contains the most bioactive form of Coenzyme Q10 - Ubiquinol that increase the keratin levels to enable longer and thicker feeling hair. Apply a small amount to your palm and rub together in your hands. Massage shampoo directly to your roots and rinse thoroughly. 

Pump Haircare Hair Growth Conditioner contains the same trademarked BioGro formula as the shampoo with increased conditioning properties and a light peppermint scent that leaves you feeling refreshed. To apply remove excess water from the Pump Haircare Hair Growth Shampoo, then massage a small amount of conditioner into wet hair from roots to ends. Leave for at least 3 minutes before rinsing. 

Pump Haircare BioGro Hair Growth Serum is scientifically proven to reduce hair loss and shedding, while promoting hair growth with trials resulting in an 82% reduction in hair fall. Use to reverse the appearance of thinning hair and improve hair length. Apply twice a day to the scalp and allow to dry as usual.

Pump Haircare Hair Growth Mask is made with strengthening ingredients to support healthy hair growth and reduce split ends. Us once a week after washing instead of your Growth Conditioner and leave for ten minutes before rinsing out. 

There you have it, the dream team for hair growth right at your fingertips.

4. Limit heat exposure 

Your hot showers could be doing a lot more damage than good. Hot water, heat styling tools and environmental stressors can dry out your hair, stripping your hair of natural oils causing breakage. A great reason to try lukewarm water, hair wraps and hats in the sun.

5. Silk and satin pillowcases

Gentle pillowcases avoid pulling on your hair during the night, keeping the structural integrity of your hair intact. It is also less absorbent than cotton so won't dry out your hair while you are sleeping causing unnecessary breakage. 

So, whether you are beginning your thick hair journey or are a seasoned veteran in hair growth technology, enjoy these tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy, shiny and of course full. 

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