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Show Stopping Concert Hairstyles

1. Blow Out Bob

It screams confidence and elegance (and a little 2016 with a red lip if you know your eras.) If your concert style is volume and attitude this is the way to go, and easily done with a lightweight blow dry brush that won't weigh down your travel bags. Pump it up with tousled waves and a carefree bounce that complements concert energy, and the candle light after party. Add some texture spray for that effortless messy look. 

2. Loose Curls 

Feeling a bit more on the playful side? If you are grabbing cowboy boots with your next concert loose curls are the way to go. Embrace those bouncy curls that add a touch of Southern charm to your overall look. Whether you're two-stepping to country tunes or pop, these curls will dance with you, creating a dynamic and lively aesthetic that complements the rhythm of the music. 

If you are worried about curls dropping, check out our curl styling saviours. If you are travelling to your next concert check out our lightweight curling options. Or if this is a look you want to wear for years to come, check out our luxury curl creators.

3. DED Straight 

There are ample hair styles, but one that transcends all styles is the sleek chic hair style. Whether you rock it with a middle part, or a fringe this hairstyle is bound to be the one hairstyle that can make your eyes and cheek bones pop while maintaining an effortlessly cool demeanour. 

4. Glitter, Glitter and More Glitter

This can be a touch of glam or a gull out ocean of glitter on the dance floor. Although by the looks of Tik Tok - it may be the people not wearing glitter who will stand out in 2024. Unleash your younger self with Hair Gems, Shine Spray or Glitter Spray. Whether you go for subtle shimmer or a bold, dazzling effect, this hairstyle ensures you'll catch the spotlight and create a mesmerizing aura under the stage lights. It's not just a hairstyle; it's a statement that you're here to shine.


For all your styling options, check out our electricals, styling, texture spray and most importantly for whatever you concert plans - heat protectant. 

Have a fabulous time!

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Over 55 Stores Australia-wide

Free delivery on orders over $107*

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