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Valentine's Gift Guide

Flowers and chocolate are AMAZING. But honey, the love language of 2024 is great haircare, because unlike flowers, we want to bloom all year. 

Whether you are looking for you, or them we are proud to present our Valentine's Gift Guide. 

Gifts Under $25 

You want them to know they are the best thing since sliced bread...without breaking the bank. These treatments will boast benefits long along the flowers are transferred to the dust bin. 

Gifts Under $50

  • The ORI Lab Refresh Scalp & Body Scrub 200ml is a deep-cleansing exfoliator created with purifying sea salt. Designed to cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate your scalp. 
  • The Pump Haircare Argan Oil Treatment 60ml provides instant shine and manageability. Long term conditioning vibes without the residue or product build up. Plus, with heat protectant built in, they (or you) can have a hot girl styling session without the damage.
  • The Pump Mulberry Silk Pillow Case White is designed to protect and nourish you hair while you sleep, leaving your hair silkier, with less damage. Not to mention the benefits to your skin and sleep. Nothing says I love you like silk honey.

Gifts Under $100 

Now we are getting serious. If gifts are their love language, these products will take their breath away.

  • The K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask 50ml  is a best seller for a reason. It repairs even the most extreme damage and renews hair to its most youthful state. Did we mention it's vegan, colour safe and doesn't wash away with shampoo?
  • The Mermade Hair Double Waver Pink - whether your date is a concert goer or just loves to look like she's been to the beach, this double waver is double the fun - and a perfect Valentine's gift. Creating waves in under two seconds with ionic ceramic plates to protect hair from damage (and light enough to fit in a suitcase) this could be the start of a new era.

Gifts Under $150 

For the styling queen, these gifts will make them ready for the concert of the era or a romantic date night, and everything in-between.
  • The Mermade Hair The Styling System Quad Pack is vegan, new and designed to accelerate their styling game. Whatever style they want, now within their reach.
  • The Mermade Hair Barbie Wavy Kit is perfect for the barbie girl in your life. Big waves, and even bigger attitude with all the accessories for a style that could dance the night away.
  • The muk Style Stick White is gorgeous and fabulous at creating straight locks and luscious waves. With adjustable temperature, universal voltage, sleep mode (for the girls that sometimes forget) and infra red heat for less damage, and more fabulousness.

Gifts Under $300

You are in love and you want them to know it. Nothing makes someone feel more special than when you have gone out of you way to make them feel important. These gifts would leave anyone in whirlwind:
  • The CLOUD NINE The Original Hot Brush is the first choice for second day styling. If your lover is always on the go, but always wants to look her best this is a tool she will LOVE. With iconic variable temperature control, flat bristles cleverly positioned at calculated angles to create the perfect amount of pull for an effective finish.
  • The CLOUD NINE Revive Sculpting Beauty Device might as well be on the wish list for every woman in the country. The at home beauty device massages and sculpts the face and body to lift, firm and improve the radiance of skin. With vibrations for facial contouring, Red Light Therapy to brighten and increase collagen production and Blue Light Therapy to kill acne causing bacteria. You can't often turn the clock back on time for under $300, but with CLOUD NINE you can. 
  • muk Style Stick 230 IR Wide Plate - revolutionary straightening with infrared lights imbedded in the irons ceramic plate to infuse a gentle heat deep inside the hair shaft. This baby straightens with just a single pass through even the most unruly hair, leaving amazing shine, without the thermal damage. 
This is just a selection of some of the amazing products we have in-store and online at Price Attack. Remember, flowers last a week, but healthy hair is timeless.  
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