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Hair Ins and Outs of 2024

We may only be one month in but the trends have already been established - here you have it the ins and out of 2024. 

The In of 2024

It's Giving Bob 

The bob is back baby. This time it's got waves. Whether it has been Mermade's success or the sea salt spray revolution, but waves on short hair is predicted to turn heads this year with some of our favourite celebrities, such as Margot Robbie flaunting the years look - and yes we wish we could give her an Oscar just for that.

Honey, Blow it Out 

The success of the slick back look had us all reeling. But, that success is losing momentum with blow outs and volume reigning supreme once more. We might as well be Julia Robert in an oversized Armani suit because we want it big, bouncy and alive. If you struggle creating that big blow out style, we have listed our favourite blow out tools below:

Blow Out Brushes For All Hair Types:

For Short Hair blowouts: 

For Medium to Long Hair Blowouts: 

All Blow Out Tools: 


Nothing like a big bang to make people take notice. It's not just any bang, eyelash hugging bangs are back, along with curtain bangs. With a little bit of mystery, and a whole lot of sass, this hairstyle hugs your features and gives a halo effect to your face. It also gives a sense of youth we can all get around. 

If you are after a new style in 2024 get in touch with our stylists who can give professional recommendations based on your exact wants 

Warm Blondes 

You heard it, ice is out. Platinum is great for a credit card but some are opting for a warmer glow to bring out our cheeks natural flush. Or even a Rose tinted blonde for that ultimate flair. 

For a little warmth try adding Goldwell Dualsenses Color Revive Conditioner Light Warm Blonde to your haircare routine. 

For a little Rose Blonde infusion try NAK Hari Rose Blonde Shampoo for added shine and rose pink tones. 

Healthy & Protected Hair 

Caring what goes into our haircare is 100% in. Out are the days of heating up the iron for a stiff look. We are talking heat protectants, hair masks, leave in conditioners and scalp brushes. Not to mention the rise of Clean Beauty. In is haircare that avoids hurting animals, the planet and your hair with naturally derived ingredients.

The top five repair products with cult like followings (for a reason) are:

  1. K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil
  2. Juuce 20 in One Miracle Spray
  3. Biolage Strength Recovery Strength Repairing Spray 232ml
  4. Daily Naturals Clean Beauty Protective Leave In Treatment 150ml a
  5. Olaplex No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask 100ml

Our top five brands from the Clean Beauty range are:


Heatless Curls 

It's not just big hairstyles making a comeback, heatless curls are on the rise with products like Mermade's Hair Heatless Curls Kit kicking up a storm. While not exactly heatless the Mermade Hair Aircurl uses air powered technology and a heat free clamp so you can curl your hair as it dries - with air! 

The Outs of 2024


Not Using Heat Protectant 

When we expose our hair to hot styling tools or even the sun, we can see damage in various forms. This can be from colour changes to cuticle damage and split ends. Ever see your hair steam when you use your straightener or curler? If there is moisture in your hair when heat is applied that moisture turns to steam, and will push open your hair cuticle - causing irreversible damage to your hair. 

Heat protectants protect as long as it is evenly and lightly coated. Whenever you reach for your styling tool, grab the heat protectant - even for those little touch ups. 

We get that adding another product to your haircare routine can be expensive, so here are the top six heat protectants under $30: 

  1. PPS Cheat The Heat Thermal Protectant 250ml
  2. Muk Hot Muk 6-in-1 Working Spray 295g
  3. Mermade Hair Mermade Mist 135ml
  4. NAK Hair Thermal Shield
  5. Juuce Dry Heat Guard
  6. Daily Naturals Clean Beauty Detangler with Thermal Protection 200ml

Split Ends 

It is very easy to avoid split ends with a few habitual changes, and since they are now officially OUT - here are some changes that can stop split ends in their tracks:

First, heat protectant (see above).

Second, investing in a soft towel for post washes and even a silk pillowcase to avoid that night time rubbing. 

Third, regular trims every couple of months to keep the pesky ends in line.

Fourth, keeping on top of your hairs moisture needs with hair masks for hydrating and strengthening needs, lucky for you there are a host of stunning products specifically to prevent split ends, these are our top three


Scream Filled Mornings

If getting your children ready in the morning drives you insane - and probably them too then we may have two brands that will turn your mornings right around. 

Mimi Haircare are dedicated to creating haircare for children that is easy to use and of course - crying and screaming free. From their Mimi Haircare Detangling Spray, to their soft to touch Mimi Haircare Kids Hair Detangles Brush and a host of products designed to be gentle on their skin and eyes. 

Ugly Swan is another brand that understands the struggle. Their Ugly Swan Scream-Free Detangling Brush Baby Mermaid glides through tangled hair, avoiding those tangle inspired tears. 

Being LATE! 

With the advances of haircare being late because of styling is no longer accepted. Life is too short to be late to every event because you couldn't dry or curl your hair in time. These products are going to supercharge your getting ready time - you can thank us later:

For a quick smooth finish: 
Juuce Curls To Straight 150ml
Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream 300ml
Olaplex Volumizing Blow Dry Mist 150ml

For a quick volume boost: 
Davroe Murray River Salt Spray 200ml
NAK Hair Sea Salt Mist 250ml
Muk Fat Muk Volumising Blowout Mousse 250g

For electricals designed to SPEED that morning up:
CLOUD NINE The Original Hot Brush
Muk Hot Paddle Brush

Let us know if you think we missed a 2024 trend (or something that needs to be left in 2023)! 
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