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3 reasons you should be using Pure


Pure is turning heads for all the right reasons. We did the impossible and narrowed it down to the top 3 reasons your need to try Pure. 

1. 100% Recycled Material

Pure reuses 100% Australian land waste plastic to make their bottles. As of the 10th May 2024, 34,420,968 grams of plastic have been re-used. They are also the first haircare company in Australia to achieve a zero carbon footprint.

2. Net Zero Carbon Footprint 

Pure is the first haircare company in Australia to achieve a zero carbon footprint. Leading the industry by embracing their responsibility for change, Pure invested in Western Australia's Yarra Yarra's biodiversity project, meaning to date they have planted over 30,000 native trees

3. Personalised Haircare 

Pure has crafted the ultimate dream hair formula tailored to suit every hair type. Discover yours below and prepare to witness the astounding transformation as you cater to your hair's precise needs.

Fine Hair 

For weightless volume and shine. 

  • UP.LIFT Volume Shampoo 
    • High in beta-carotene for shiny, thick hair and a healthy scalp. Lifts hair up, so it looks fuller and thicker. 
  • UP.LIFT Conditioner
    • Promotes intense hair nutrition, softness and shine. Penetrating deep into the hair shaft and scalp. With antioxidant properties responsible for preventing early hair loss. 

Coloured Hair 

Prolong your radiant colour with these colour saviours. 

  • Colour Angel Shampoo
    • Repair and soften fragile/ coloured hair. Enrich with selective treatment oils to illuminate coloured hair and help fight colour ageing. 
  • Colour Angel Conditioner 
    • Soften while preserving your colour radiance with the ultimate colour fade defence. 

Coarse/ Curly Hair

For our curly girls, or those with thick coarse hair, these products are designed to give you seriously silky results.

  • Goddess Shampoo
    • Enriched with selective oils to rejuvenate and restore a healthy moisture balance to hair and scalp. Goddess infuses hair with essential hydration and moisture for seriously silks results.
  • Goddess Conditioner 
    • Restores moisture caused by natural elements, heat styling or chemically straightened hair. 
  • Sacred Mask 
    • Restoring moisture, softening and strengthening your hair type. This mask saturates your hair with intensive moisture, sealing it in to soften and deep condition your locks.

    Blonde Hair 

    Reduce gold/ yellow tones and preserve your blonde shine:

    • Forever Blonde Shampoo
      • Prevent yellow looking blondes caused by natural elements, swimming, heating tools, UV and chemical treatments. 
    • Forever Blonde Conditioner 
      •  Infused with oils to provide softer, smoother, silkier feeling hair. Enriched with violet pigments. 

    With so many we couldn't list them all, find the Pure product perfect for your hair type in-store or online at Price Attack

    We still can't believe product as luscious and personalised as these, are also good for the environment. Make a positive change for your hair and the planet today. Shop Pure.

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