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How to Smooth Frizzy Hair

We’re all prone to a little frizz every now and then. And while frizzy hair does wonders for body and texture it can make for a bad hair day when all you want is sleek smooth hair. But why does hair go frizzy and how can you de-frizz it? We share with you our top tips and tricks to fight the frizz.

What makes hair go frizzy?

Hair has three layers; the core, cortex and cuticle. The cuticle is the outside layer and it’s formed by overlapping scale like cells. These scales when healthy and hydrated lay flat to protect the cortex and the core. When these cells become damaged, they lift and open.

How to Smooth Frizzy Hair | Price Attack

There are many reasons why hair cuticles become damaged; dehydration, the food we eat, medications, the shampoo we use, colouring or lightening our hair, styling products and heat styling tools, as well as environmental factors like the sun or wind, and working in an air conditioned office.

Naturally coarse or curly hair tends to be drier than normal hair and will frizz at the slightest drop of moisture in the air. You see when there’s too much moisture in the environment (aka humidity) dry hair will suck it up and instantly frizz.

So, in a nutshell, frizzy hair is caused by moisture, either too little or too much.

How do you de-frizz your hair?

To combat frizzy hair let’s start with the basics, shampoo and conditioner. Use a shampoo and conditioner formulated with argan oil. Argan oil smooths the hair by closing the hair cuticle. It also acts as a moisturiser and protects from humidity.

We love AG Hair Smoooth Shampoo and AG Hair Sleeek Conditioner. Not only are they enriched with argan oil they’re also sulfate-free. Learn more about sulfate free shampoo on our blog The Low-Down on Sulfate-Free Shampoo.

AG Hair Smooth Shampoo, Sleeek Conditioner | Price Attack

When it comes to drying your hair, pat it dry with a soft towel. Rubbing your hair dry can damage the hair cuticle and make your hair frizz.

Not only is argan oil a friend to frizzy hair but so too is avocado oil. High in healthy monosaturated fat, avocado oil’s tiny molecules easily absorb into the hair rather than sitting on it, so it won’t weigh down our hair.

Blended with avocado and macadamia extract, Juuce After Midnight is a clear winner when it comes to taming coarse hair. Just apply this smoothing balm to wet or dry hair and style as usual.

How to Smooth Frizzy Hair

Heat won’t tame frizz, so when blow drying coarse hair use a low heat and a diffuser. The diffuser will confine the amount of direct air and heat on your hair; less chafing equals less frizz. Then finish drying hair with a thermal vented round brush to help thwart static and flyaways for a smoother finish.

We recommend ghd Ceramic Vent Radial Brushes, paired with 1 or 2 pumps of Aromas Style Serum applied to mid-lengths and ends for a glossy finish. Not only does Aromas Style Serum include argan oil, it also has lavender which helps to balance sebum production - that’s the body’s natural way of producing oils and stuff to help protect your hair and skin from moisture loss. Too much sebum production you have oily hair and skin, too little and you have dry hair and skin.

How to Smooth Frizzy Hair | Price Attack

Hydrate dry coarse hair regularly with a deep conditioning treatment designed to balance hair moisture. Use a hair treatment formulated with frizz fighting argan oil, avocado oil and/or lavender to help prevent those hair cuticles from lifting and opening. The more hydrated your hair the easier it is to keep frizz at bay.

Another great frizz fighter is coconut oil. Coconut oil hydrates, restores hair’s natural oil balance and blocks moisture in the environment. As with our frizz frighting friend argan oil, coconut oil is easily absorbed by hair, conditioning from the inside out.

We love NAK Ultimate Treatment to smooth porous hair. Enriched with coconut oil it also contains nature’s natural hydrator aloe vera plus a blend of other natural vegan ingredients, luxe botanicals and pure essential oils. Find out more here.

Nak Ultimate Treatment | Price Attack

When styling frizzy hair keep brushing to a minimum, or instead use a wide-tooth comb to reduce friction, and fend off frizz with a lightweight humidity resistant oil. KMS Tamefrizz De-Frizz Oil not only smooths hair but provides humidity control for up to 3 days!

And for our last trick, rest your head at night on a silk pillowcase. Silk is a smoother fabric than cotton-based fibres, meaning less friction while you sleep.

For more help on how to smooth frizzy hair visit your local Price Attack store for expert advice.

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