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Pulp Riot – The Semi Permanent Hair Colour Solution

Are you keen as candy to enter the world of vibrant hair and not sure where to start? Or do you already rock unicorn hair and want to create masterpieces. We have the answer and it’s more colourful than ever! 

Introducing Pulp Riot – vibrant semi-permanent hair colour that lets you be the artist. An innovative hair colour brand Pulp Riot only uses superior quality dyes so that you get longer lasting colour. 

Pulp Riot | @caitlinfordhair

You’ll be tickled pink with Pulp Riot’s on trend colour range. From pale pastels to vibrant brights and electric neons! With Pulp Riot, the colour fades true to tone. 

Plus, Pulp Riot is gentle on hair - free of ammonia, parabens, PPD, MEA and gluten, as well as vegan. 

Hairstylist Kate MacFarlane @katelsmac | Pulp Riot

Get the look! 

We caught up with hairstylist Kate MacFarlane whose colour creation features in our spring catalogue. She shares with us her Pulp Riot top tips on how you can get ‘the look’.

  • Do all your lightening first and apply Pulp Riot to clean dry hair to increase the lifespan of the colour.
  • Wash hair in cold water using a sulphate-free and sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix Pulp Riot colours to create custom colours, and the best bit – Pulp Riot colours don’t merge so you can place colour next to colour and they won’t bleed.
  • Pulp Riot is extremely spreadable. A little goes a long way which means you use less product than other colour lines.
  • Pulp Riot contains quinoa to nourish, strengthen and protect hair. 

HOW TO | Get the look using Pulp Riot

Stylist Kate MacFarlane @katelsmac | Pulp Riot

On the roots use a mixture of Pulp Riot Jam, Cupid and Fireball with Pulp Riot Velvet. On the mid-section use Pulp Riot Cupid, Candy and Jam, and on the ends Pulp Riot Lava, Blush and Firefly. 

First timer? Simplify the above by using Pulp Riot Jam on the roots, Pulp Riot Cupid on the mid-section, followed with Pulp Riot Lava on the ends. 


Hairstylist Wesley Palmer @wesdoeshair | Pulp Riot

Share with us your Pulp Riot creations using #getthelook and #priceattackhair and tag us @priceattackhair

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