Take Your Colour Cues

Considering a statement colour change? Check out this second piece from the Cosmopolitan Magazine article we featured last week. 

Colour Technology has progress so much that we can pretty much be whatever colour we want. Here is everything you need to know. 

Optical illusions are your friend

We're all into clever makeup trickery (*cough* contouring), so why not do it with your hair? ‘Ultra-contouring is a technique used to manipulate an optical illusion to bring out the most beautiful aspects of our clients,’ explains hairstylist and R+Co ambassador Barney Martin. ‘Shade and light are used to maximum effect to slim down certain area of the face, while highlighting accentuates other areas.’ Also. Like makeup, you can add in unexpected colour. Dark hair suits ‘deep petrol blue, deep ashy violet and camouflage green’, recommends Martin, while blonde can add a pop of ‘dirty blue, amethyst and soft powder greens.’.

Cara Delvigne

Subtle hair contouring brings out all of Cara's best features. 

Blonde Ambition can be work

Celebrities with naturally dark hair are going blonde. But is it possible for the rest of us? ‘Almost anyone can go blonde,’ says Martin, who advises enlisting a pro if you are going more than a couple of shades lighter than your natural colour. Be patient on your way to blonde – ‘you won’t get a platinum from your dark base on your first visit,’ warns Martin.

Use a blonde treatment like Nak Hair's Blonde Repl.Ends to soften, detangle and seal the hair fibre for smoothness as well as neutralise unwanted brassy tones.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga shows how brunette to blonde is done

Granny greys are cool

Grey hair might not sound that appealing but ash tones actually flatter a wide range of hair and skin tones. The best way to do it is to get your colourist to hand-paint strands with balayage. ‘Grey balayage is certainly popular in our salon at the moment,’ says Mob Hair co-founder Tarryn Cherniayeff. She suggests keeping the ashy tones looking good with an in-salon colour treatment and at home toning conditioner such as Fudge Clean Blonde. 

Charcoal Balayage

Gorgeous Grey Balayage 

Rainbow Hues Are A Real Good Time

Highlighter hair is a major trend this year, and thanks to wash out formulations, draw-on hair chalks and semi-permanent hues, you don’t need to brave to take on brights. If you’re considering frequent hue changes – like Kylie Jenner does so well – keep in mind that celebs often fake their way to colour. Try the Manic Panic range for colour from home. 

Manic Panic Violet

Manic Panic Ultra Violet 

The Dark Side Requires Commitment

Good news for those of you with lighter hair looking to darken: ‘This can be achieved in one session, but the upkeep is very different and your likely to need to come back for a top up,’ says Cherrniayeff. It’s worth the trip, though regular colour refreshes will save you from fading into mousey hues.

Bella Hadid

 Naturally blonde Bella rocks her brunette hair  

Ready to make the change? Book your appointment with one of our expert stylists today. 

Images via Pinterest

Credit: Cosmopolitan Magazine June 2017 p128-130

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