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5 Salon Hair Care Secrets for Spring

These hair stylist tips will keep you looking good between hair salon appointments.

1. Select the perfect shampoo and conditioner
Spring means refreshing your 2020 hairstyle with something new or different, says Michelle McLaren, owner of hair salon Price Attack, Mildura. That could be an Insta-worthy haircut, or some on-trend colour – buttery cream for blondes, mocha highlights for brunettes, or even neon colours for the daring.

If your choice is a new hue, you’ll want to protect your scene-stealing look with products designed to care for hair colour. One of our faves: AG Hair Colour Care Colour Savour Shampoo, a nutritious snack for your strands that uses essential proteins and herbal extracts to feed, soothe,  repair and revitalise coloured hair. It also contains an exclusive sunflower seed extract and natural polyphenols to provide UV and free radical protection to stop colour fading. Like the Conditioner, it’s sulfate-free and gentle, something Michelle says clients are loving right now.

“Chemical-free products don’t dry hair out,” she says. If you’re a blonde, a smart spring haircare choice is AG’s Colour Care Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo and Conditioner. Its violent base banishes brassy yellow tones, so you can keep rocking the expensive-looking champagne blonde highlights you left the hairdresser with.

2. Protect your hair style
UV blockers are a must in spring and summer, not just for your skin but for your hair, even more so if you’re the outdoorsy type. Look for them in your shampoo and conditioner as well as leave-in treatments. It’s an easy self-care step to apply a conditioner spray or restructurant that boosts shine, moisture and strength, or protects colour, or damage to your hair in the harsh sun, after you’ve put on your SPF30+.

Other ways to save your hair style from frizz and fading include wearing a stylish spring sunhat, and always rinsing out saltwater or chlorine after swimming, and reapplying a haircare product.

3. Pamper tresses like a professional
We’d all love to keep our hair cut or hairstyle looking as good as it does when we step out of the hair salon. The good news is that, with the right products, you can maintain your look between salon appointments. You’ll find lot of gorgeous, at-home care choices at Price Attack salons but we’ve also curated a couple of the hottest ones for you.

Dry, split ends spoiling your spring selfies? PPS Aroma D Fuse Menz The Endz light treatment cream is formulated to protect and strengthen dry, damaged, split ends. Its natural ingredients, including chamomile, lavender and patchouli oils, help prevent hair breakage, eliminate flyaways and ramp up shine.

Don’t forget to treat hair to a regular mask too, to make it softer, less brittle and easier to style. You can pop one on while you relax at home, or ask in-store for a salon treatment. In fact, if you really want to guard your hair against the elements, this is one extra we strongly suggest adding to your haircare regime. Besides luscious locks, the bonus is, you get the chance to sit back and do absolutely nothing while your hair enjoys some pampering.

4. Colour like a hair stylist
If you’re thinking about adding some colour between salon appointments, do it like an expert. Section your hair into four parts before you colour and apply hair product systematically to avoid overlapping colour and getting dark “banding” or damage.

Wella Professionals technical educator Justin Barbirotto says the easiest way to keep the luxurious look of your colour between hair salon dates is by using a semi-permanent colour. “This will encourage colour to stay fresher for longer,” he says. “It won’t cover greys, but it will generally blend them in.”

You could also try a minor touch-up with permanent hair dye – just do the part and around the hairline with a small amount of your usual colour, he says. For an instant refresh, hair powders are a hair colour lifesaver. They’re easy to apply and can help mask foils that are growing out or grey, says Barbirotto. For the latest professional hair colour products, ask us in-store, or shop online.

5. Skip heat styling sometimes

We all love different looks, but you need to treat your hair right. Never straighten or curl hair when it’s damp or wet – dry it thoroughly first, then used a heat protectant before you style. There’s plenty of great choices, but some of our favourites are packed with natural oils like argan to help you retain a luxe look. You can even let hair dry naturally and beautifully sometimes, after applying a professional polishing crème that provides a long-lasting, air-dried style while keeping frizz at bay.

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