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The Best Hair Salon Secrets for Younger Looking Hair

Spring is the time to show off your hair style. Want more volume, more condition, more shine, or a cut that flatters? We have your hair care needs sorted.


Plump up the volume

Limp isn’t lovely. But, as we age, factors ranging from hormonal issues, to stress and diet, can cause normally luscious locks to look a little thinner or drier. Luckily hair salon formulas are plumping up the volume and the hydration factor for a younger looking hair style.


Yes, haircare products have come a long way since backcombing and hairspray was the only way create an illusion of more abundant tresses. But with a choice of so many luscious products designed to help you get thicker, healthier, show-off hair, how do you know what to choose? Wella Technical Educator Justin Barbirotto suggests you prioritise your top three haircare needs and use those to guide your buying choices.


So, if fine or thin hair is at the top of that list, a shampoo and conditioner that boosts body, and a styling product that thickens hair without build up, will be your first picks. After that, you’ll probably want to address other concerns, such as dry, or damaged strands, so choose a mask that rehydrates, or a leave-in conditioner that repairs. Of course, you can also ask one of our experts in-store to help you select the perfect haircare regime for you this spring, with an eye on younger looking hair.


Feed hair follicles
To keep hair strong, glossy and stylish, it’s important to eat for hair health. That means including iron, vitamin B1, vitamin C and lysine in a delicious, healthy diet, according to trichologist David Salinger, of the International Association of Trichologists. Think lean meat, seafood, eggs and plenty of green leafy vegetables on your plate. Beta-carotene, in orange fruits and veggies like pumpkins, carrots and mangoes, is another must – it’s converted to the nutrient, Vitamin A, that helps prevent dry, dull hair.


After even more shine? Load up on omega-3 fats from fish like tuna, sardines and salmon or try walnuts, flaxseed oil and chia seeds, too. Of course, maintaining your hair colour in the salon, and at home, is an obvious way to cheat time. But while how much grey hair you have is mostly genetic, it can also be because of a nutritional deficiency, says Salinger. In that case, the amino acid tyrosine, as well as copper, iron and vitamin B may help.


Nourish from the outside too
Straighteners, blow-driers and even air conditioning can take the shine and spring out of hair, making it look less than vibrant. Use a great product before you treat with heat, like PPS Cheat The Heat Thermal Protectant, that strengthens and nourishes your hair by protecting from heat damage and dehydration. This no-fuss hair saviour also offers long-lasting results.

For good-looking hair styles that glow, we’re addicted to PPS Energy Spray. In fact, we think it’s the superhero of leave-in sprays because it’s does so many things at once, including nourishing, protecting and adding youthful body. And don’t forget extra bounce, texture, hold and shine!

Price Attack recommends Nak’s Structure Complex Bond Enhancer. With yummy, vegan ingredients including watermelon and hazel seeds, coconut oil, aloe vera and pear extract, this advanced treatment rebuilds bonds to rescue hair from the inside out.Nak's Structure Complex Bond EnhancerHave some downtime? Why not pop on a treatment masque, wrap a hot towel around your hair, and relax while it smooths and nourishes strands, in-between treatments at the hair salon.


Haircuts and colours that flatter
A great hairstyle, that frames your face and has lots of volume, can take years off your face. Short bobs are back for 2020, as are cropped haircuts with “piecey” tops. Of course there’s a reason the bob haircut is so popular with women of all ages. It’s a classic look that lifts the face, defines the jawline and enhances the cheekbones.

We’ve put together the ultimate Guide to Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts. For colour that suits your skin tone Wella Professional Technical Educator Justin Barbirotto suggests avoiding harsh, darker colours and opting for lighter colours, as you age, to flatter your skin tone. You could even try rocking your grey, a hue that’s popular with some very young stylesetters too. For the latest and best hair colour, shop at Price Attack stores.


Maximise your salon time
While you’re in the salon, an expert can offer you plenty of sensational advice on hair styles and products that will suit you. But why not ask about extras that can help boost hair condition, maintain colour, or enhance your look? These can include toning and conditioning treatments, or hair foils that give your colour more texture and dimension.

For full service price lists or to book an appointment, get in touch with your local store.

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