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Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts

Undeniably classic, the bob haircut was popularised by silent film actress Louise Brooks in the 1920s. At the time, Brooks was known more for her luxe fashion style and signature shingle bob than the films she starred in. Since the 1920s, the bob haircut has never really gone out of style, and as we roll into spring, hop into the salon chair because the bob isn’t going anywhere!

Worn either short or long, the bob haircut is cut anywhere from the ears, a-la Louise Brooks, or below the shoulders, as seen more recently on Canadian model Hailey Bieber. The length of your bob haircut is the easy part, it’s the bob buzzwords that can be confusing; stacked, layered, inverted, a-line, graduated, asymmetrical, textured, lob…

The Guide to Bob Haircuts | Price Attack

So, what is the difference between a textured bob and a lob, or an inverted and graduated bob? Let’s take a look, in our guide to bob haircuts.

Standard Bob Haircut

When supermodel Irina Shayk appeared at the Golden Globes earlier this year with a sleek bob, she proved once and for all that short hair can be sexy. Cut along the chin line, the standard bob haircut is kept all the same length. As a rule, there’s no layering in a standard bob haircut, however the underside is usually cut slightly shorter to give it that bob curve. A bob with no layers is referred to as an A-line.

The Guide to Bob Haircuts - A-line Bob | Price Attack

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Graduated Bob Haircut

Worn by our favourite Spice Girl, the graduated bob haircut was once known as the Pob - the Posh Bob. It is also known as an inverted bob. Unlike an A-line bob, the graduated bob has layers that are stacked in the back which then curve down towards the front. Depending on the length of the cut the stacking can vary from subtle to a more obvious concave. What’s a concave? It’s where the hair is longer at the front than at the back.

The Guide to Bob Haircuts - Graduated Bob | Price Attack

Long Bob Haircut AKA Lob

The lob haircut is like a standard bob with no layers, but rather than hair being cut all to the same length hair is cut with a slight concave. Favoured by Kim Kardashian, the long bob sits just below your shoulders, and can still be put up into a ponytail. It’s the perfect bob haircut for those with long hair, toying with the idea of going short. Incredibly versatile, the lob can be worn straight or easily be fashioned into messy wavy hair.

The Guide to Bob Haircuts - Lob | Price Attack

Layered Bob Haircut

It’s the bob with, you guessed it, layers! The layered, or textured bob haircut, is chopped and sculptured to give hair body and shape. Actress, Julianne Hough is a fond fan of the bob hairstyle, the textured bob her signature look. It’s easily worn messy or sleek and with or without bangs, the layered bob lets you style and play with different looks.

The Guide to Bob Haircuts - Layered Bob | Price Attack

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Girlish and edgy, the asymmetrical bob haircut plays on either an a-line or layered bob, the only thing that sets the asymmetrical bob apart is that one side of the front is longer than the other.  Kylie Jenner’s former BFF, Jordyn Wood is the latest celeb to embrace her playful side with an asymmetrical bob. More often than not the asymmetrical bob is cut without a fringe and is parted to one side.

The Guide to Bob Haircuts - Asymmetrical Bob | Price Attack

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Shingle Bob Haircut

Step back in time with this chic vintage hairstyle. The shingle bob is the shortest bob hairstyle, cut just below the ears it exposes the hairline which is then cut and tapered to a V. Think the Roaring Twenties, and Elizabeth Debicki in The Great Gatsby.

The Guide to Bob Haircuts - Shingle Bob | Price Attack

The bob haircut is still as chic and stylish as ever and lends a bonus youthful glow - it’s just the thing for Spring! With so many different styles, there are a tonne of ways you can get the look this Spring with a bob haircut.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your salon appointment today, find your local Price Attack Salon here.

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